Friday, 30 January 2009

Friday Feature - Junkart Jewellary

I’ve never really been into wearing much jewellery, so when I do it has to be pretty special. This little shop found me one quiet, rainy, Wednesday afternoon and I’m glad it did. Junkart Jewellery somehow has found a way of putting photos onto tiny, glass, pendants.

I love the fact that she says it has taken her 6 months to master it. Each gorgeous piece is delicate and unique and that’s not all folks! This girl makes bags too! They aren’t your usual everyday bag and that’s what makes them so special. Check out my favourite ones.

I insist you go and have a look at Junkart Jewellery’s shop, you won’t be disappointed I promise.

She rocks.

About Junkart Jewellery

Who are you? Melissa Tessaro, 36
Where are you from? London, England
What do you do? I'm a photographer and jewellery maker and make fused glass jewellery combining photos, designs and images and transferring them onto glass. My shop is just in the early stages at the moment as I have tons of ideas for future creative endeavours..

What else do you do? Nothing at the moment, creating and selling is taking up all of my time, I haven't been bored for a minute since I left my monsterous 9 - 5 accounts job. I used to read, go out to pubs, gigs and the theatre a lot but there's no time for that anymore!
What is your favourite colour? purple
What music are you currently listening to? PJ Harvey, Bloc Party and Evanescence..(at my age!)
What is your favourite Etsy shop? because the photography and images are amazing.


  1. love the glass photographs but the rotting-doll tote bags are amazing! i think i may just buy one...!

  2. loving the blog... will tune in regularly to see what shops you are reviewing. I may just find something I always wanted...

    Lou next door