Sunday, 19 April 2009

My husband and Ashton Kutcher.

Wow, its been a mental week.

You won't believe this story, I can hardly believe it my self!

I will start at the beginning.

So we go away for the Easter weekend with the kids and stay at a friends cottage by the sea. It was lovely and relaxing (that's if you don't include my youngest daughter keeping us up at night).

Skip to when we get home.

Alex (my husband who sings songs) checks his Twitter account (one of many social networks he has collected). He finds that he has 100's of messages all of which keep mentioning that Ashton Kutcher is looking for him. He then checks out his myspace, Now, it's taken him 2 years to get to 30,000 plays. Suddenly, in two days whilst being away he has had over 15,000 plays! What?

Cutting a long story short. Ashton Kutcher THE Ashton Kutcher the biggest Twitterer in the world, not only tweeted that he liked Alex, he also mentioned him on his facebook and put his songs up on his Myspace! Now Al is getting over 2000 plays a day! It's mental, people from all over the world are telling him how much they love his music and want to buy it!

We really have had an awful last 2 years and this has been a really amazing thing to happen.

Of course, Al is not taking this lightly. I asked him to take the bins out yesterday and he told me he would get his people to talk to my people...

Friday, 3 April 2009

Friday Feature Number 7

Good Morning folks,

Ok, you know the score, It's Friday which means Feature which means a cool shop with 0 sales which means you check them out and marvel at their talent.

So lets get down to business.

Today's shop is Fox and the Owl.

Now, I'm quite partial to a good tie. I love seing my husband wear one and I like wearing them myself from time to time. Imagine then my excitement when I found this shop. Oh.My.God I love her ties. They are just brilliant. She rescues vintage ties and makes them into......well....ummm....Oh have a look yourself....

This one is my favourite. I think, but actually I really like this one too..

Let's hear from the seller..

My name is Hermione, I just moved to chilly Angel in London from sunny Perth in Western Australia. I love the patterns on vintage fabrics, especially paisley, and they aren't found anywhere better than ties. Same goes for shiny polyesters, pure silks, thick pure wools, brooches, diamontes and other shiny things.I'm amused that the little variations in a tie dictate the fashion statement a man makes! and have made my things to let the ladies in on this...My favourite music - house, funk and soul, the Perth based Friday, Mama Cass and of course Shifty Translation.

See, she's cool,

Go have a look, tell her I sent you..


Friday, 27 March 2009

Remember me?

Have you missed me?

I have been up to my big brown eyes in loads of very busy things which is why you haven't heard from me in soooooooooo long! But here I am and guess what?


Yep, Friday Feature day, for those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, every Friday I choose a shop with 0 sales and do a feature on them. Some shops have even had a sale!

So, who have I got for you this week I hear you all yell?

Well, actually my husband found this shop and insisted I feature it. It didn't take much persuasion as you will see it's a great little shop.

The name in question is EmmieBean. She makes these delightful digital illustrations inspired by vintage 1960s photographs. They are full of colour and each one seems to tell a story or maybe two. Check out my favourite...

I think this one would look particularly nice hanging in my lounge!

Lets hear from the artist,

Who are you? My name is Sadie Raber. I run the etsy shop EmmieBean, which was named after my kitty, Emma. She is a sweet feline companion who prefers very strange foods, including cantaloupe, yogurt, and pad thai noodles!

Where are you from? I was born in Hawaii, but I was raised in Thousand Oaks and now live in Santa Barbara, California!

What do you do? The work I promote on etsy are my illustrations that are based on quirky 1960s vintage photographs. For my day job, I am a graphic designer who specializes in editorial design and I also instruct a class at the University of California Santa Barbara about how to design a magazine.

What else do you do? For fun, I love to take road trips along Highway 1, drink wine, peruse magazines, make sock monsters and other crafty things, walk around the neighborhood, and watch movies.

What/Who influences you? I have always been fascinated with vintage family photographs, and can often be found sifting through my relatives' old 1960s and 70s albums looking for potential material for my illustrations (They aren't always that keen on me painting them when they had afros and dolphin shorts, but I think they are flattered nonetheless). I also love anything whimsical, anything Swiss, and anything white!

What is your favourite colour? It all depends on what the project is. Red and pastels for illustrations, and white for interior design, clothing design, and craft projects!

What music are you currently listening to? Fleetwood Mac is back on tour in the U.S. so I have been a little obsessed lately. When I illustrate, I generally listen to The Sea and Cake or Iron & Wine because they relax me.

Who is your favourite Etsy shop? I find new favorites by the hour. Today I stumbled upon an illustrator named ashleyg whose work is fantastic.

So there you have it, go and check her out, she even does requests! How cool is that?

See ya!


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I'm in a Treasury!!!

Thankyou Junkartist for popping my Treasury Cherry!

Check it out!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Sorry guys!

Hello you lot. I have been away in London this week and have not had a chance to do a Friday Feature with 0 sales. I promise that I will be back to normal next week when my head doesn't feel as though it is about to explode! In the mean time go and check out my past features they will be happy to see you.... xxxxxxxx

Friday, 6 March 2009

Friday Feature Number Six!

Morning Campers!

It's Friday, it's Feature time, it's another shop with 0 sales!!

Let's see what we have got today.....

Today's shop is bizarro. The shop is full of 18th-19th century vintage prints that have been long lost or forgotten about and most of which haven't even seen the light of day in the past 100 years until now. The prints are wierd, wonderful and sometimes slightly disturbing. Either way I love this shop, I love the feel of this shop and the strange world it takes you to.

Let's see what they have to say

Who are you? A caveman in a spaceship!

Where are you from? Born and raised in The Pacific Northwest of the United States.

What do you do? I'm an artist and animator. I make things fly around on TV screens for a living. I also like collecting and discovering weird things. With the exception of the one time I was at the beach and thought I had found a really interesting rock when a friend informed me that it was actually an old piece of dog poop!

What else do you do? I like building terrariums. It's very relaxing. I can imagine myself living inside one someday once shrink rays are invented.

What/Who influences you? I love anyone who has the ability to conjure up strange, magical world's and make them a reality. There are so many. Jim Henson is a good example.

What is your favourite colour? Turquoise has always grabbed my eye for some reason but I almost only ever wear black or neutral tones. I paint or color mostly in pastel colors. I don't think I have a favorite. I think more about what colors look best for the subject.

What music are you currently listening to? Mostly ABBA and Black Sabbath interchangeably. Sometimes simultaneously for maximum effect.

Who is your favourite Etsy shop? I really like and his custom portraits that are purposefully unflattering.

So there you have it. Check out Bizarro's shop and have a nose, it's strangely addictive.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009



Meet Julie

She like fast cars and fast money. She is an 80's super babe.

She is a new Delectable Dolly ready for a new home.