Sunday, 19 April 2009

My husband and Ashton Kutcher.

Wow, its been a mental week.

You won't believe this story, I can hardly believe it my self!

I will start at the beginning.

So we go away for the Easter weekend with the kids and stay at a friends cottage by the sea. It was lovely and relaxing (that's if you don't include my youngest daughter keeping us up at night).

Skip to when we get home.

Alex (my husband who sings songs) checks his Twitter account (one of many social networks he has collected). He finds that he has 100's of messages all of which keep mentioning that Ashton Kutcher is looking for him. He then checks out his myspace, Now, it's taken him 2 years to get to 30,000 plays. Suddenly, in two days whilst being away he has had over 15,000 plays! What?

Cutting a long story short. Ashton Kutcher THE Ashton Kutcher the biggest Twitterer in the world, not only tweeted that he liked Alex, he also mentioned him on his facebook and put his songs up on his Myspace! Now Al is getting over 2000 plays a day! It's mental, people from all over the world are telling him how much they love his music and want to buy it!

We really have had an awful last 2 years and this has been a really amazing thing to happen.

Of course, Al is not taking this lightly. I asked him to take the bins out yesterday and he told me he would get his people to talk to my people...


  1. How exciting! Congratulations to Alex x

  2. Wow, that's exciting! I checked out Alex's myspace. Great music! :)

  3. crazy!? that's really great :) i will have to check his music out!

  4. You know Alex's music was a pivitol reason for my going back to radio in 2007. That quote of mine on Mohanski's MySpace page really needs to be updated.

    "When I hear a band like Mohanski it almost makes me want to get back into radio so I can play them on the air and rave about how much I love their music."

  5. congratulations...did Ashton also happen to mention what an incredible wife Alex has??? Is so, perhaps this was the reason for all the hits::: :)

  6. Do you do any drawings of fish or octopi?

  7. will you ever post anything ever again?