Friday, 3 April 2009

Friday Feature Number 7

Good Morning folks,

Ok, you know the score, It's Friday which means Feature which means a cool shop with 0 sales which means you check them out and marvel at their talent.

So lets get down to business.

Today's shop is Fox and the Owl.

Now, I'm quite partial to a good tie. I love seing my husband wear one and I like wearing them myself from time to time. Imagine then my excitement when I found this shop. Oh.My.God I love her ties. They are just brilliant. She rescues vintage ties and makes them into......well....ummm....Oh have a look yourself....

This one is my favourite. I think, but actually I really like this one too..

Let's hear from the seller..

My name is Hermione, I just moved to chilly Angel in London from sunny Perth in Western Australia. I love the patterns on vintage fabrics, especially paisley, and they aren't found anywhere better than ties. Same goes for shiny polyesters, pure silks, thick pure wools, brooches, diamontes and other shiny things.I'm amused that the little variations in a tie dictate the fashion statement a man makes! and have made my things to let the ladies in on this...My favourite music - house, funk and soul, the Perth based Friday, Mama Cass and of course Shifty Translation.

See, she's cool,

Go have a look, tell her I sent you..


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  1. OMG I just LOVE those ties! Soo off to check out your shop!