Friday, 27 February 2009

Friday Feature Number Five!

It's Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaaay!!!!

Oh and you know what that means, oh yes indeedy.

So, who do I have for you this week I hear you scream (through one ear as the other ear is still blocked)?

It is Humusjan! He is a very talented illustrator from Jerusalem. His prints are quirky and somewhat surreal. He is well worth checking out. I especially love the Russian Dancers...

Here he is ......

Who are you? My name is David Roy Margalit

Where are you from? I am from Jerusalem, Isarel

What do you do? I am a visual communication student, specialized in illustration

What else do you do? I am a great hoster and my house is open to everyone all the time

What/Who influences you? I am influence by feelings, now i am influent from my girlfriend

What is your favourite colour? My favorite colour is black

What music are you currently listening to? I am listening alot to van morisson, nick drake, ahova ozeri - a singer and songwriter that she is playing on hindoo instrument that she learned from ravi shankari

Who is your favourite Etsy shop? I really love tushtush shop

So there you have it. Go and visit him, go on, tell him I sent you........


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