Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Delicious Tizzalicious!!!

I've got a special Tuesday treat for you! The shop (for those who don't know already), is Tizzalicious! Her stuff is so damn cute and colourful, it took me ages to decide what images to use! I love her necklaces, they are wonderful and the clips are so bright and cheery they could brighten up any kind of hair - even mine!
Tizzalicious makes necklaces, pins, rings, clips and oh so much more. Seriously, go and have a look at her shop, your mouth will water!
Here she is herself -
Who are you? My name is Maartje, though usually I go by my nickname Tizz. I'm a crafty girl who loves colors & polkadots!
Where are you from? I'm from The Netherlands
What do you do? I make jewelry, accessories & housewares. Always colorful of course!
What else do you do? I manage the Crafting in Color Team on Etsy, I love shopping, doing random carfty things like sewing & anything with paper, going to the movies, reading (when I start a book I can't stop, so I do a lot of this!), traveling, and drinking hot chocolate.
How long have you had your shop? I opened my Tizzalicious.com in November 2007, and added my Etsy shop in January 2008.
What/Who influences you? Cuteness and the past :) I love anything retro & vintage, and I think that shows in my work.
What advice would you give to fellow sellers? Make what you love, and what you would buy yourself. If you love all of what you make (even if it's in different styles), others might too!
What music are you currently listening to? I'm not listening to anything at the moment, because the boyfriend is asleep, but I do listen to Hanson a lot!
Who is your favourite Etsy shop? That's a hard one, there are so many great shops out there! I like Willy Nilly Waterlily a lot!

So there you are folks, see, I spoil you.