Friday, 20 February 2009

Friday Feature Number Four!

Good Morning Folks!

It's Friday and you know what that means....Friday Feature! (You know the drill, I find an amazing shop which has 0 sales, you go check them out and maybe, just maybe pop their first sale cherry..?)

So, anyway this week let me introduce to you Post Modern Frog. He is a very funny cartoonist and I found him purely by accident on a day I needed cheering up.

His work has been seen in Best American Comics 2008, American Illustration 26, and Nickelodeon Magazine among others so you see, he is already very good. His pictures are hilarious and cleverly drawn and he also makes a selection of cuffs and collers that need checking out too.

Let's hear what he has to say,
Who are you? My name is Evan Larson. I'm a cartoonist, painter and illustrator.
Where are you from? Originally from outside Washington D.C., I now live in Providence, RI.
What do you do? I work a retail job part-time while I work on my drawings and comics. I'm currently working on an animation project with some friends in Los Angeles.
What else do you do? I also teach part time at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA.
What/Who influences you? I like things that make me laugh. I've been a huge fan of comics for years so I have a variety of influences including Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, Sam Henderson— among many others. I also love black and white pen and ink work.
What is your favourite colour? Various shades of brown. There's a brown to compliment every color. I like that.
What music are you currently listening to? Ah! I'm really into this group from Monterey, Mexico called Bam Bam. I've had the latest album by the Swedish band Love Is All on heavy rotation. A lot of louder stuff too— Nightingales, Dirtbombs and Volcano Suns. I'm into so many things really; I could go on and on.
Who is your favourite Etsy shop? I'm still so new to the Etsy community, it's hard to say. I think my friend Maris Wicks' shop is really fun. She makes these great super-hero dolls. Of course I'm fond of my fiancé's shop as well.

Oh one more thing, all profits from his shop are going towards his wedding!
Seriously though, he is really good and did I mention, bloody funny.


  1. Great feature, I love the cuffs. Thanks Dizzy x

  2. Interesting shop. I love the cuffs and the collars.