Sunday, 8 February 2009

Etsy Forums - How not to post a thread.

Hello you,

So picture the scene, you are having a bad day/week, you want to kill someone, nothing is going right, everyone is annoying you. So what do you do? Go and have a look in the Etsy forum.
(Mistake number 1).
Next, you make a post about something and put it in the wrong section,
(Mistake number 2....oh yes, they keep coming..)
Then a few people get annoyed with you for posting in THE WRONG SECTION. Instead of thinking IN YOUR HEAD that these people can @8%$.... you feel a surge of anger and then post ANOTHER thread shouting at these people and put it in the WRONG SECTION.
(Big mistake number 3....).
You then sit back and find yourself being verbally beaten to a pulp by a handful of 'toughened Etsians' who really don't like to be told what to do. Fair enough.
You see the thing is, admittedly, posting such a ridiculous thread was wrong, It would have been much better to just ignore and carry on my day. However, I didn't and that's a lesson learnt.

Having said that, I do think sitting behind a computer screen makes people braver. If the forum was actually a real room, with real people, there wouldn't be people shouting at other people (yes, like me), or being sarcastic, rude etc. We ARE all different, agreed, we all have different personalities, agreed, some are more sensitive then others and some don't care, agreed. Not everyone is going to be nice to you, that's true, people do get annoyed with threads being in the wrong sections, thats fine, But, when I see someone go into the forum and ask a simple question, put it in the right section and then get a string of negative comments which CAN and HAS happened. That is when people are not playing fair.

That was what I was really trying to say, I just picked a time to say it when I had posted a simple question in the WRONG section. As a result people (understandably) pounced on that (and me), and not the real issue at hand. So, what can you learn from this?

  • Post your thread in the RIGHT section
  • Respond don't react
  • Don't get offended so easily
  • Don't be unnecessarily rude
  • Don't post in a forum when you are having a bad day.
So, to all those I annoyed, sorry. To all those I will annoy, sorry and to all those who annoyed me, you'll be sorry.......(JOKE!).


  1. Very true and VERY well written. I have been there done that ...and feel bad for doing so!