Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Rosies New Shoes

My little girl got her first pair of proper shoes today. It was a very special occasion for us all as it signified that she was not a baby anymore, even though at 14 months the little humbug STILL isn't really walking. I mean she CAN walk a few steps, she just chooses not to. 

Rosie is very different to her sister Molly who picked things up very quickly. Rosie is a thinker, She has already got this world sussed and one day she will surprise us all. 

I'm on my last Dizzy Dolly now, I am also going to have them available as cards so watch this space. I have a great Friday Feature coming up so make sure you come back for that and maybe (if you're lucky) A surprise in-between.....



  1. My one-year-old clod-hopping boy is about due for a pair of shoes too! We're putting off the shopping trip as long as we can! Luckily it is summer and so still pleasant enough to go barefoot a while longer!
    Congratulations Rosie!

  2. That good.!! I want to see those new shoes.