Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday Feature Number Three!!

OOOoooooohhhhhh have I got a good one for you this week!

(Hello by the way)

So this weeks shop, (which has had unbelievably 0 sales) is James Keniston. He lives in California but is originally from the U.K. He is an extremly talented artist who somehow, is able to make very technical, detailed, drawings of buildings look simple, blissful and beautiful.
There is something about his style that makes me keep going back to nose around in his shop and marvel at his work. I suggest you do the same, I promise you will not want to leave in a hurry.

Lets hear from the great man himself -

Who are you? I am James Keniston, a 26 year old artist (painter).

Where are you from? Originally from London, England, until I moved to southern California last year to settle with my wife.

What do you do? My main area of interest is in painting - oils and watercolour - and I am currently focusing on architectural renderings. The built environment is a kind of jumping-off point for my painting that allows me to explore line, colour, shape and form. But I have dabbled in portraiture and landscape similarly.

What else do you do? Currently I am a full-time artist but I have also worked in the visual arts for about 3 years as a studio assistant to various artists and a gallery technician putting up exhibitions etc.

What/who influences you? I always seem to find something inspirational in my surroundings so a lot of my work is a response to this. Nature, architecture and travel are probably things that inspire me most. I am a fan of artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Peter Doig - big painters!

What is your favourite colour? I gravitate towards blues a lot.

What music are you currently listening to? One of my favourite bands is the Black Kids. The new Coldplay album has become a favourite too.

Who is your favourite Etsy shop? is my wife's store - she makes great jewellery incorporating her photography. I also came across the other week - a very talented illustrator doing great work.

So, go and have a look, and while you are there, go and check out his wife too, it is also a gorgeous shop,- wow, imagine what it must be like in their house, two talented people under one beautifully drawn roof...........
Keep up the good work James!


  1. I have a suggestion for your next Friday feature...
    The Little Owlery makes tiny felt owls.
    They're very dear, but no sales as yet.

  2. Wow, this guy rocks.

    Off to check out shop

  3. Great work and interview. Thanks for the find!